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Free School Holiday Workshops 

Dates & Details


GuitarWorks also offers a variety of workshops covering a wide range of subjects related to guitar. These workshops are held in our studios and at schools all over the metropolitan area. Some of our workshops include "Beginners Primer Workshop", "Songwriting on Guitar" and "WACE Guitar Bootcamp" designed for year 11 & 12 WACE guitar students.

Class Music Teachers Note: Our workshops can be structured around current music class syllabus. For further details and a full overview of all workshops, please contact us directly.


"Free School Holiday Workshops" are held over the school term breaks. For full details on booking into a free workshop, click Book Now.


The Beginners Primer "Free School Holiday Workshop" is targeted towards newcomers already playing guitar and anyone who may be interested in learning guitar in the future. This 90 min demonstration will cover a general introduction to the instrument and focus on the many aspects of guitar playing.


Beginners Primer - Workshop Breakdown

  • Explanation on types of guitars - Electric / Acoustic / Bass / Ukulele.

  • Advice on the correct form of playing and posture-for best results.

  • Introduction to Traditional Notation, Guitar Tablature, and Chord Diagrams.

  • Tips on how to play and remember chords.

  • Introduction to the musical alphabet on guitar. Using notes and scales.

  • Tips on writing a Rock Riff and Chord Progressions.

  • A comprehensive demonstration of various guitar styles and techniques.

  • Practising Rut Busters - Proven tricks to help your home practice routine. 

  • All participants will receive worksheets to be used within the workshop and for later reference.  ​​


“Thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop. Stefan was very friendly & welcoming, but most importantly, very informative. My son loved trying out the 3 different guitars. I love how the lessons are catered to suit the child’s music interests. My son [& I :)] are now more determined & excited to start his guitar lessons with GuitarWorks 👍

Genna Tran Jan 23, 2018



Free School Holiday Workshops 

Dates & Details

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